Training Services

Our goal is to enhance your personal and professional performance through in-person and live virtual courses. Our training programs are engaging and inspiring. Through chat, breakout rooms and ‘coaching in the moment’. Our live virtual classes deliver the same transformational experience remotely as our in-person programs.

Training Services

No matter what position or title you hold in the workplace, cultivating effective leadership skills will propel your career to the next level. We will discuss several topics, including, but not limited to: Change Management; Effective Decision Making; Communicating with Different Personality Styles; Conflict Management; Leading with Assertiveness; Creating a Vision; Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills; Presentation Skills and Appropriate Behavior in the Workplace.

Diversity/Sensitivity Training

In today’s workplace environment, it is imperative to understand human resource management. Topics include, but are not limited to: Managing Social Media; Cultural Awareness; Understanding Gender Differences in the Workplace; Sexual Harassment and Generational Differences.

We will customize a training program tailored to your individual, group and/or organizational needs.